VOIP - Point to Point demo.

Using the - Amateur Radio Emergency Data Netork

TP-Link Hardware (CPE610 and CPE210 Hardware tested) and Grandstream GXP1625 VOIP Hardware.

Hardware and mesh platform chosen based on ease of set-up, ease of use and overall cost.

Initial cost of hardware: (Priced on 7/23/2019 on - Links above)

Grandstream GXP1625 - 36.50 USD
TP-Link CPE210 - 39.90 USD
TP-Link CPE610 - 56.99 USD

Initial setup of hardware was accomplished by logging in to the stock PHAROS software then following the "Getting Started Guide" provided by AREDN.

Channels Used:

TP-Link CPE210 - Channel -2
TP-Link CPE610 - Channel 178

Once Configured, the mesh hardware only needs power from the POE injector box to become active. The Grandstream phone is connected to the LAN port of the POE injector and the mesh assigns an IP address to the phone. Two mesh nodes are positioned so as to maximize SNR between stations. The phone status menu is selected to show assigned IP address of each phone. Either phone can use the direct IP dial feature to connect to the other via the mesh network link. 

This is a simple, real world demonstration and test set-up for mesh networks that is low cost, has a relatively low learning curve and allows for the potential of a mesh network to be explored by anyone interested.